At Understand the Science, our mission is to provide easy-to-understand medical education on crucial healthcare topics to empower informed health decisions.

Understand the Science is a 501c3 non-profit comprised of experts committed to use our pharmaceutical education, training, and technical experience to simplify science. Our web platform features under 2-minute visual-learning videos presented by our scientists with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) assistant that answers questions instantly using natural language understanding. The reference-supported medical information provides a trusted source for medical education accessible to anyone.

Board of Directors

Ami Ehlenberger

Managing Director, CTO Machine Learning & Intelligence Operations, Chase

Dada Honde

Senior Director, Data & Analytics Solutions, Comcast

UTS Team

Joan Francy


Lisa M. DiPilato

PhD, Treasurer

Chris Francy

PhD, Content contributor

Hannah McGary

MBA, Content contributor

Katherine Na

Project Management